In the local dialect, when someone has a very ambitious idea and believes in it so much that they throw themselves headlong into realizing it, it is said that an albagia has jumped into their mind. This wine was born from one of our Albagia: to capture what we believe to be the true essence of Trebbiano Toscano from the “Vigna dei Pozzi” (Vineyard of the wells) planted by our grandfather, back in 1988. The white wine that this vine produces is very savory and structured, with a lot of character, a sort of “red wine disguised as white”. So why not vinify it in red, making the skins macerate for a long time? why not extract from them, the temperament that we have in the glass? et voilĂ , it was from this intuition that Albagia was born, an orange wine from Vinci.